Hurworth Air Gun Club
Est 1978

Affiliated to the National Small-bore Rifle Association and the Durham and Cleveland Small-bore Rifle Association

Safety on the ranges is the single most important factor and the safe handling of air guns is the responsibility of all members and visitors. All members and visitors are required to abide by the Range Officer's instructions at all times. Everyone is required to sign-in when arriving at the Club.

You are welcome to come along when the Club is open for a look around - your first session would be a Starters for 10.9, follow the link to Contact Us to enquire about availability. You will meet the members, be given an induction and "have a go" under supervision. The safe handling of air guns will be reinforced and senior Club members will be on hand throught your session. The Club has a couple of air rifles (right and ambidextrous handed) and air pistols (left and right handed) for you to utilise, and members may even offer you a shot with their own equipment.

Starters for 10.9 and subsequent casual visitor sessions are £3.00 for adults, £1.00 for accompanied juniors, payable each session attended. All juniors, either visitor or memeber, must be accompanied at all times while at the Club by their parent / legal guardian who is over 21 years of age.

Following a successful probationary period and nomination for membership, full annual adult membership is £130.00 per calendar year, (accompanied Junior, under 18 years of age, £30.00; Family, two adults and two juniors £180.00), which entitles you to attend every session and includes target cards. Individual membership to the National Small-bore Rifle Association, (Associate £76.00, or Full Annual £85.00, or Junior Annual £40.00, 2019) is required.

Air Rifle - standing position precision target - 10m and 6yd.
Air Pistol - precision target - 10m and 6yd.

Hurworth Air Gun Club - Target cards relative size comparison. Copyright © HAGC 2007-2020. All rights reserved.

Training resources
Members of the club vary in experience and during the probationary period the basics of the shooting disciplines will be explained.

During March 2008, the Club underwent a major revamp. The number of 10m firing points increased from five to eight.

Our eight point 10m range.

Hurworth Air Gun Club - 10m range. Copyright © HAGC 2007-2020. All rights reserved.

The five 6yd firing points.

Hurworth Air Gun Club - 6yd range. Copyright © HAGC 2007-2020. All rights reserved.

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